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CommunityConnect - Tahoe's Only Wi-Fi Hotspot Network!

For A Limited Time...Sign up for home or business high-speed Internet service and CONNECT all over town FREE at conveniently located Wi-Fi hotspots. Surf at Squaw. E-mail from Syd's Bagelry. Interactive meetings at Wild Cherries...experience the freedom of wireless Internet access.
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Home Service
Hotspot At Home

High-Speed Internet Service for Home
Exwire provides several options for high-speed Internet access for home use. From wireless networking, home office solutions to special rate plans for second home owners and renters, Exwire has a service plan that is right for you. Each service plan is designed to meet your particular Internet needs and budget. Home service starts at $35 per month, click here to see our pricing

And as part of your service plan, you get free access to CommunityConnect, a ubiquitous Wi-Fi hotspot network whereby Exwire customers can easily access the Internet from several cafes, ski resorts and other convenient public locations throughout Truckee and Lake Tahoe with Wi-Fi enabled devices.

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Service Highlights:
     • Affordable Service: No phone line or dial-up ISP required.
     • Available 24/7 service: You are connected to the Internet all the time.
     • Ability to upload or download large attachments such as video, large files and pictures.
     • Free CommunityConnect account with access to Lake Tahoe's only Wi-Fi hotspot network.
     • An end to expensive and inferior Internet alternatives like satellite service.

Additional Services:

FreedomConnect  Wireless Networking

The FreedomConnect service is Exwire's always on, high-speed Internet service that is distributed wirelessly in and around home. Connect to the Internet from where you want to with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, PDA or cell phone. Browse the Internet from any room in your house, the deck or patio. Wi-Fi networks free you from the cables! Call Exwire and a technician will install, configure and test your wireless network so that you can begin enjoying the freedom of a wireless network.

Service Features:
     • download and upload speeds up to 20 mb/sec

     • One wireless access point
     • One 802.11b antenna and transceiver

This is Exwire's answer to the thousands of second home and condo owners in the Lake Tahoe area who are in town only a few days a month, but still want high-speed Internet service. Starting at $20/month, 2ndHomeConnect service keeps your monthly bill low and let's you enjoy high-speed Internet service when you want it. During the days that you are in town, when you use the service, we charge $4 per day up to a maximum of $56 per month, the same as Exwire's basic home service. We track your time on the Internet and show you your usage every month. Normal installation fees apply.

As a rental or second home owner, Exwire offers you two pricing choices for yourselves and your guests:


With "Fixed Fee"  The homeowner pays $55/month.  Internet Access and technical support are free to renters and guests of the homeowner.   Guests simply connect using a cable or to the wireless access point if available and are on the Internet!  Guests having problems connecting can call Exwire for assistance with their connection at no charge (With our standard HomeConnect Service, Exwire can only help the owner).  


OR, rental home owners can choose our   “$10 monthly charge" program.  With this service plan, the homeowner and the homeowner's guests are greeted with an Exwire hotspot page which prompts them for credit card information in order to be able to access the Internet.  Customer Support is provided.    Homeowners (as well as guests) can subscribe at hotspot rates. Homeowners are billed $120 dollars annually at the start of the contract and annually thereafter for the monthly fee.

Exwire has a high-speed Internet service plan that addresses the extra needs of professionals who work out of their homes and rely on the Internet to run their businesses. HomeOfficeConnect provides additional bandwidth for faster document transfer, general heavy usage and more users than the basic home service.

Hotspot at Home
With Exwire's new Hotspot at Home service (replacing our services previously called "2nd home" and "Rental Home"), you pay only small monthly fee (paid annually) to keep the service live at your home. Then whenever you or guests are at the house, you pay by the hour, day, week or month, just like at a wireless hotspot. Why pay for service you aren't using? For pricing information, fill out the first page of the Exwire Online Contract here.