Exwire Provides Message Security Solutions by Red Condor
  1. Block Spam, Phishing, Spyware and Viruses
  2. Don't Discard Legitimate Correspondence
  3. Restore Trust in Email

Red Condor eliminates spam, phishing schemes, spyware, viruses, and other offensive content -- dynamic, living threats to security and productivity. And does it all without throwing away your legitimate email so you can focus on your business and trust your email again.

What's the record of success?
A near-zero false-positive rate with spam block rates greater than 98%.

Exceptional Protection. Effortless Administration
Red Condor is a Managed Service Provider of email security systems, so takes full responsibility for implementing your email security solution. They spend their days tracking and analyzing evolving email threats, and make sure the security filters for your email mail box are always up to date.

Learn Globally, Protect Locally
What makes us different from all the rest? Find out more about our Global Sensor Network, Deep Message Inspection and Behavior-Based Filter technology. Or better yet, try Red Condor's MAG-1 Hosted Service free for 60 days and find out for yourself how we can virtually eliminate all unwanted email, increase productivity and dramatically reduce the risk associated with email viruses and spyware.

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