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Broadband for home or office


Finally cheap, easy, safe backups and file sharing for friends and family!

If you:

  • email files to yourself
  • want to share large files but can't
  • rely too much on USB drives
  • need automatic backup of documents
  • want to access your files anywhere
  • want to share photo albums, music and video

You need Safeshare, a secure remote file storage that is optimized for sharing among friends and family.

Synchronize your files! With Autosync, any file that's on your computer will be available on any other computer.

Backup. You know you need to keep your files backed-up. SafeShare does it for you, easily, offsite, and constantly.

Sharing. Your brother has some of the house renovation documents, you and your cousin have all the movies that everyone always wants. Share them!

Capacity and Security. You have enough space with the 200 GB plan to keep 150 movies, thousands of pictures and all your important files, all on your own virtual drive!


Product 10GB 50GB 200GB 1TB
Price monthly $4.50 $7.50 $12.50 $35.00